Detailing Packages

Is your vehicle starting to get dirty? Is it starting to look aged and tired? Are you looking to have your car, truck or SUV professionally cleaned? If so, we're ready and able to make your vehicle look like it virtually just came off the showroom floor! Our reconditioning department, who clean and polish all of our pre-owned vehicles, and prepare vehicles for delivery to our customers, are experts at scrubbing, polishing, washing, and cleaning any and all vehicles that come in. They make vehicles sparkle under the sun, smell fresh and look incredible both inside and out! They pay great attention to detail, and have all the product and equipment needed to revitalize your vehicle.

Whether it's right after a New York State winter, driving through a muddy field, a long road trip, or anything in between; please consider stopping in or giving us a call to schedule your detailing today. We offer 4 different and comprehensive detailing packages to fit your needs and budget, and we can't wait for you to see how phenomenal your vehicle looks afterwards!