F&I Products We Offer

CNA National Warranty

With vehicles of today and their advanced equipment and technology, repair costs have risen. To protect you from a potentially costly repair bill, CNA Nationaloffers extended vehicle warranties that cover an extensive list of vehicle parts and components. Not only does it cover parts, it comes with added benefits such as Rental Car Reimbursement, Roadside Assistance, Travel and Lodging Reimbursement, and more! For a list of features and parts covered, please click here to view the brochure. Whether it's part of the Engine, Steering, Fuel System, Transmission, Interior Electronics, and more, CNA and Country Club Nissan have you covered. To learn more about this product, stop in or give our Finance Department a call. We'd be happy to discuss the details with you.

Simoniz GlassCoat

Want to protect your new vehicle's paint and interior from superficial damage? GlassCoat from Simoniz is here to help. Traditional wax and sealants are temporary and must be applied at regular intervals, usually once every year. GlassCoat lasts up to 10 years, and chemically reacts to your vehicles clearcoat to create a strong and durable ceramic film, protecting your vehicle's paint. They also provide interior upholstery coverage using Stain Sentry advanced fabric protection. GlassCoat steps in to protect your new vehicle from things like tree sap, bird waste, pet waste, ink, crayons, food stains, and more. Damage caused by these aren't covered by the manufacturer, and can lessen the resale value of your vehicle. To learn more about Simoniz GlassCoat, click here or give us a call.

Tire-and-Wheel Coverage

Sometimes we hit bumps in the road, clip curbs while parking, or drive over nails or screws. With Tire-and-Wheel coverage from CNA National, you're protected from any costs needed to repair or replace your damaged tires or wheels caused by various road hazards. These hazards include potholes, tree limbs, nails and screws, construction sites, car washes, and more. There is no deductible, is available for both new and used vehicle purchases, and even covers vehicles used for hire to the public (i.e., rideshare.) To learn more about Tire-and-Wheel coverage, click here or speak with a member of our Finance Department.
To find out more about additional vehicle protection products we offer, like Key Replacement and Paintless Dent Repair. Please reach out to a member of our Finance Department to discuss details about these products. They add value and peace of mind to your next vehicle purchase, and are worth considering. We also build GAP insurance into every deal we get financed, to make sure you aren't left with any remainder of a car loan in the unfortunate event your new vehicle is totaled.